Why is Pet Hydration Essential in the Summer?

As summer approaches, pet owners must be cautious in keeping their furry pets hydrated. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are major concerns throughout the summer months, since they can cause serious health problems and even death. It is crucial to remember that preventing dehydration may be as simple as providing your pet with continual access to fresh water so that you and your pet can enjoy a fun-filled summer together.

The Importance of Water

Water is essential for controlling body temperature and maintaining organ health, in addition to supplying hydration. Dehydration can result from a lack of fluids, and symptoms include lethargy, dry gums, sunken eyes, and panting.

Prevent Dehydration

Avoiding dehydration in dogs is as simple as monitoring their water intake and giving both indoor and outdoor water. If your pet is more active than normal during the summer, make sure to give them enough of water because they lose fluids via panting and sweating.

Picky Drinkers

Some pets may be particular about the quality of water they consume. Provide clean and fresh water to ensure your pet consumes enough water. To make the water more appealing, add fruit slices, ice cubes, or broth. Also, because pets may like running water, incorporating a pet water fountain may be a wonderful alternative.

If you find your pet isn’t drinking enough water or is displaying signs of dehydration, please contact us right away. When dealing with extreme dehydration, veterinarians can give critical treatment. They could do a hydration test and give you subcutaneous or Intravenous fluids.